Ryan Heller

Impact Coach

For over a decade, Ryan amassed a career as Creative Director for the brand development studio, helium creative, where he shapes identities for companies and individuals around the globe. With a background in fine art, writing, theatre, and design, Ryan has a trained arsenal he uses to concept and execute strategy, brand foundation, and visual communication. Hear from Ryan in his own words:

What are three words of intention that you want to share for 2023?

Self, purpose, expansion.

If someone was on the fence about coaching, what would you tell them?

What have you got to lose and what have you got to gain?

What is a quote or piece of advice or saying that has made a large impact on you?

Fyodor Dostoevsky — ‘You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again.’

Why did you become a coach and/or why do you like supporting people in a coaching capacity?

An organic process that stemmed from my background in storytelling, brand and creative direction. I have worked with so many entrepreneurs and businesses to craft their brand and identity, it became a natural progression to work with individuals on a consulting basis to help with personal identity healing, and transformation.

Share some interesting personal facts!

I am a desert and dessert a-holic. When the two combine, it’s pure magic. I am an avid lover of art, music, film, and vegan foods.

How do you like to support others, as a coach?

Holding space, listening, providing honest feedback and guidance, along with a creative approach.

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