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Life Coaching Retreats

We live at a time when, more than ever, people have lost touch with how to simply be human. In my 15+ years as a coach, therapist, and researcher, I’ve witnessed this shift both in my sessions and on a collective level. I’d posit that coaching is no longer a luxury but an important tool that should be widely accepted. People need support, and life coaching provides that support. There are many types of coaches and approaches to work with. If you’re just getting started, I suggest you check out my post about questions to ask when working with a coach.

Life Coaching Retreats: the future (aka the NOW of coaching)

Many people come to me wanting to get unstuck or make changes. Firstly, know that the process takes commitment and a willingness to get uncomfortable. There are many ways to work with me and my network of coaches (read more about these incredible humans here). The most effective and powerful way to do this work is through a one-on-one life coaching retreat. These tailored retreats combine the most potent techniques and practices, and the focus is all on you. During these 3-5 day life coaching retreats, I help you get to the core of what’s holding you back in just a few short days. Imagine this: you arrive in warm and sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL, or picturesque and earthly Big Sur, CA, to a low-key luxury accommodation. Your days will include 1:1 sessions, mindfulness training, tailored exercises, nourishing meals, and time to rest, process, and restore. The 1:1 sessions go much deeper than you could ever go on a normal group retreat, and the in-person work combined with other practices catalyzes transformation faster than any coaching program.

I’ve written before about the benefits of transformational life coaching retreats; click here to dive into that.

Personal or professional retreats? You have options

If you’re interested in something for a small group or for your team, professional life coaching retreats are the answer. At a time when companies are still struggling to find a normal post-pandemic, it’s critical to consider how you can nourish and motivate your employees. Professional life coaching retreats can help your team members rise to their potential to work more effectively, creatively, and efficiently together. As we navigate an ever-changing work culture, a professional retreat could save your team – and your bottom line. I’ve helped many business owners and businesses scale and see opportunities they couldn’t see before them. If you’re curious about professional retreats and team building, reach out. These life coaching retreats can happen on-site or off-site at a retreat center.

The bottom line = your bottom line

The personal and professional are deeply intertwined. Purpose and impact are all about living and knowing how to live. A life coaching retreat for you or your team can help you get to the core of what’s holding you back. They can also ease the existential anxiety that causes so many people to suffer and live out of alignment. Interested in learning more? Reach out!

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