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A hyper-condensed, no-nonsense approach to personal and professional development.

Private Impact Sessions are for action-takers. Each session works to maximize growth by diving past surface-level hurdles. We’ll work from the inside to identify and address the root causes of why you feel stuck, before creating a cascade of systemic breakthroughs and fast, exciting growth. This personalized approach will allow you to work through even the most resistant of issues, with continued guidance and support from a trained expert along the way.

Private Coaching Services:

60 - 90 MINUTE

Coaching Session

  • - Over the phone or via Zoom video
  • - Approx. 60-90 minute sessions
  • - Sessions go until we accomplish what needs to be accomplished
  • - Package pricing available
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Day-Long Retreat

  • - Introduction call
  • - Intro assessment, 90-minute call (minimum) to review assessment and build your day-long retreat itinerary.
  • - Approximately 4-5 hours of coaching with a break
  • - 4 follow-up sessions
  • - Post-retreat discounted coaching price
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Impact Retreat

  • This program is highly tailored to the individual and does not have a set template as every client needs something different – there is no one size fits all.
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Virtual Sessions and Retreats

Experience your AHA moments, as well as personal and professional breakthroughs from home. Virtual Impact Retreats and Coaching Sessions are held via Zoom.

The Ideal Candidate

Open to New Experiences: True growth never originates from a place of doubt or pessimism, which is why a firm belief in my abilities to help you are necessary for successful Impact Coaching.

Looking for More: Your life has already been a spectacular roller-coaster ride, but what’s next? As your Private Impact Coach, I’ll help you recognize what you really want, and how to make it happen.

High Functioning: A driven individual who wants to dig deep to get even more out of life.

If you’re seeking help for mental health issues, debilitating anxiety or depression, please contact a licensed therapist

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October 19 - 24 2022

Italian Mindful Movement and Meditation Retreat


Situated in the Eastern part of Italy, Le Marche offers all the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Tuscany, but without the crowds. It has its own unique personality and an authentic way of life, where the seasons lead the daily rhythms of the people and you can set your pace. Perfect for the foodie, adventurer, culturalist, or wellness seekers.

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Dates TBD



We are excited to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity – The Impact Retreat Group Series: Anguilla Edition. With a celebration of the very [...]

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Dates TBD

Mindful Minimalism Retreat in California


Our four day mindful minimalism retreat in California is for those who want to disconnect and reconnect, to relax & renew, and connect with like [...]

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