Stephanie Marie

Impact Coach

What are three words of intention that you want to share for 2023?

Clarity, Connection, Inspired-Action 

Share some interesting personal facts!

I’ve lived, studied, and traveled to over 32 countries. I love spending time outdoors, training for marathons, singing karaoke with friends, and learning new things.

Why did you become a coach?

I spent a large part of my career and life checking ‘the boxes’ of what I thought would lead me to the ‘gold standard’ of success, not realizing I had blindly followed a path prescribed by outside forces and expectations versus defining what success meant to me. I woke up in my mid-thirties to find that what I was chasing didn’t make sense anymore for the life I wanted to live, the joy I wanted to feel, and deeper meaning I craved in life.

I left the corporate space and set out to redesign my life and career to intentionally align with my values, priorities, and potential I knew I had inside me. This journey became the impetus of stepping into the coaching space, something that had been a silenced dream of mine for years prior. My journey became my mission to help individuals who know they’re meant for more, find the clarity, confidence, and strategy to courageously step into action to achieve their biggest and boldest goals in their career and life.

If someone was on the fence about coaching, what would you tell them?

What would it mean to you to achieve your biggest and boldest goals? What difference would it make to have an experienced guide to champion you on the path to discovering your limitless potential? You will know in your gut when the time feels right to explore the exciting possibilities that exist on the other side of fear.

How do you like to support others as a coach?

I believe the quality of our life is dictated by the quality of our habits and choices. As a coach, I support others by helping them define and, ultimately, DECIDE the type of person they want to be. I help individuals align their values, principles, and actions with the person they want to be and master the art of showing up as that person to achieve the type of goals and results they desire.

What excites you most about coaching and the Impact Method?

I am lit up by the opportunity to powerfully support ambitious individuals, who know they’re meant for more but feel deeply ‘stuck’, find the clarity, confidence, and conviction to tap into a river of untapped potential to achieve what once felt ‘unimaginable’. Seeing and being a supportive guide through an individual’s transformation is nourishing to my spirit, particularly when I see how contagious personal transformation can be in helping others around you rise to higher levels of impact in their life, work, and relationships.

What is a quote or piece of advice or saying that has made a large impact on you? Feel free to share as many as you would like…

“Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become” by James Clear. This philosophy is a guiding compass in my own life, particularly in the presence of gut-wrenching fear. This advice has continually helped me find the courage and consistency to intentionally choose expansive choices that align with my higher potential. 

Is there anything else you want potential clients to know about you?

My clients tend to be individuals who feel ‘stuck’ in their life, career or business and know they are meant for more and want to level up, but unsure where to turn or what to do — that’s where our work together comes in!

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