I am Katie Sandler, and I am a human being.

This is where I’m supposed to write about myself and assure you through my extensive experience and education that “Katie Sandler is absolutely qualified to impact your life.” And if that’s what you’re looking for, scroll down – it’s all there, I promise. But I believe one of my greatest assets as an Impact Coach is something you have as well – my humanness. Because once we peel back the layers, the years of education, the books read, certifications received – once that’s all stripped back, what ultimately connects us is our ability to impact each other on a human level.

What the hck is an Impact Coach

There’s a beautiful ebb and flow to life, much like a river stream, where things can be smooth sailing and you’re like, Yeah! I got this shit. I’m a mothafckin’ boss.


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I’ve worked alongside great thought leaders and innovators who made an impact on my life, much of which I try to pass along. In my private practice I felt clients were unable to receive all the help they needed, that coming to an office once a week for sixty minutes would never be enough. I was stuck in a business model playing by someone else’s rules, while I strongly believe in making your own. So that’s what I set out to do. Because if we strive to be anyone other than who we are, we fail.

And if you’ve been waiting for the formal list of qualifications and experience, here it is:

  • Education

    Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

    Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling

    Research Assistant for Johns Hopkins

    Meyer’s Briggs training

    Mindfulness based stress reduction




    Gottman Method

    Trauma Training

  • Experience

    Executive officer on Health Psychology Team for Old Dominium and CHKD

    Johns Hopkins research assistant

    Broward Health In-patient Psychiatric Stabilization Unit

    Organizational consultant – anonymous

    Executive Board member - on multimillion dollar business (medicinal marijuana)

    Integrative Therapy Mind Body Healing – Private Practice

    SoFlo Mindfulness – MBSR workshops, Life & Health Coaching