The Benefits of a Transformational Retreat for Mind, Body, and Soul


How often do you get the opportunity to connect with yourself? Do you often feel overstimulated, stressed, and like you can’t catch a break? According to the American Psychological Association, stress and burnout are at an all-time high. This isn’t something to take lightly – stress wreaks havoc on your physical health and overall well-being. While there’s no one way to fix our lives (that wouldn’t be real life on planet earth, friends), there are many things we can do to provide ourselves with the circumstances to heal, rest, and restore. 

Enter retreats. A proper retreat provides the space and time for a total body and nervous system reset. If your retreat is held by experienced teachers and practitioners, they know how to create and hold space for mind-body healing. Not to mention that the locations themselves can be incredibly healing and are set up to help you find deep rest and transformation.

Retreats are so much more than just another vacation. Backed by my methods and held in highly curated destinations worldwide, these experiences are engineered for your greatest well-being. Retreats are more than just a vacation, they’re an investment in yourself. When done the right way (or at least the way we like), they provide an opportunity to unplug, change up your environment, and help you press the reset button on your life. 

So, why do we, at The Impact Retreat, retreat?

  • Mindfulness: We learn tools and put them to practice in real-time. We can also practice being more mindful when disconnecting from our busy lives and to-do lists.
  • Reconnect to self: We need to slow down to reconnect to ourselves, to meet self, to return to self. It’s the only way.
  • Reconnect to land: To slow down and reconnect to ourselves and the environment/land. We must slow down to speed up – it’s physics. Rarely do we have a space to truly do this!
  • New experiences: To be curious and mindful. Traveling to different places often brings us to the present moment. We become more open and, thus, more here in the now which brings more inner peace.
  • The people: To connect with like-minded people and create a sense of community.  Due to differences in environment, culture, and values, many people feel disconnected from others. The desire for this is something many people crave, and retreats help create a sense of belonging. 
  • Intentional time: Step away from the buzz of daily life and make time to contemplate, gain awareness and insights, and learn how to implement them moving forward. Most of us are running on autopilot, living in the past or the future, and taking intentional time falls by the wayside. Retreats are intentional in that your time on retreat is mindful, thoughtful, and has a greater purpose and impact. 
  • An affair with food: Food is our source of energy! On retreat, we connect with, heal, and take time for our relationship with food. This mindful practice is often lost in day-to-day life, and retreats help bring it back. If you’ve eaten too many meals in a hurry or in front of your laptop, you get it; we all need this.
  • Adventure: To explore, learn, and shift perspective. Spending time in new places and less familiar cultures adds to our repertoire of experiences and can teach us to be more understanding and compassionate. It will also broaden your perspective on humanity. 
  • Inspiration: It’s often a time to become creative and re-energized. As we meet with ourselves a bit differently, we open up to inspiration more easily. You may leave ready to start that next life chapter, create a new boundary, and/or take up a new project, whatever it may be.

Are you ready to retreat?

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