Spring Clean Your Life


To make space for the new, we have to clear out the gunk. Spring cleaning is a tradition across many cultures and applies to much more than just our physical space. To reap the benefits of rebirth and life literally springing from the ground around us, it’s essential to clear out the literal and metaphysical detritus of winter.

Before I dive into some actionable ways to do this, let’s take a deeper look at why it’s critical. Spring is a critical spot on the medicine wheel, which is utilized in many indigenous cultures in North America and has helped humans mark time and traditions for millennia. In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is connected to the liver, an organ primarily cleansing our bodies. There are many more traditions, of course, but these ancient associations of spring with cleansing remind us that it’s time to pay attention to cleansing our bodies and overall lives.

As individuals and greater society, we’ve become disconnected from the cycles of nature. Our ancestors lived more intuitively by the seasons; it was survival! Thanks to our creature comforts, we’ve forgotten how deeply we are connected to nature. Unless you are surrounded by nature or keep a garden, it’s especially easy to forget. Spring can bring with it a general sense of anxiety. We leave the cocoon of winter and more time spent indoors. We shed layers of clothing and spend more time outdoors, literally exposed.

In the spirit of shedding winter to make space for the new, here are some tips to spring clean mind, body, and soul.

– Spring clean your space

This is the most traditional view of spring cleaning for a reason. Turn over your closet and put some of that winter wear away. You’ll notice a shift in your mood simply with the increase of space and change of colors in your closet. If you have plants, it may be time to prune and/or re-pot them. You may also consider hiring a feng shui or organizational specialist to help you revamp your space. Have you been hoarding old packaging? Letting corners get dusty? Is your desk overcrowded with old mail and business cards? It’s time to clear that sh*t out. When you do this, be mindful about it and notice how it makes you feel. Creating physical space alters our inner space and overall frequency and helps us prepare to receive the new.

– Spring clean your finances

Are you leaking money in your finances? Where can you plug up “holes” to increase your abundance? Review your budget with the season to see where you can make changes. For example, if you subscribed to one too many services in the winter, now is a great time to assess those. Can you cancel any subscriptions you’re not using? How about reselling clothes you no longer wear? Places like The Real Real and Poshmark are great ways to sell things you don’t wear anymore and make some easy cash. If you’re planning to travel a lot this summer, make sure you pause recurring subscriptions to things you won’t use so they don’t go to waste. Even if you have plenty of money, this serves the energetics around your funds. You could invest some of what you may be mindlessly spending and making more money in your sleep!

– Spring clean your relationships

Are you holding on to old relationships? Identify if there are people in your life who don’t make you feel the best, and reappraise those relationships. Sometimes it’s scary to let go of people! We fear that new ones won’t come in. Often, on a metaphysical level, we can’t receive new people (be them lovers, business partners, and even family or friends) until we are willing to clear out the old. You may also realize there are people you’ve lost touch with and would like to reconnect with.. This isn’t just about getting rid of things, it’s also about finding new, better ways to receive. Now may be a good time to reconnect with a friend you’ve lost touch with but who you love dearly.

– Spring clean your schedule

If you want to know the real deal about someone’s life, one of the smartest things to do is look at their calendar. Then, examine the disparity between what they do and what they say they want to do. Do you resolve to exercise more yet don’t schedule it? Do you claim to want to build a business plan after work but spend every night at bars? Do you want to build a future relationship but never actually act on those matches in your app? It’s time to get real with your schedule. Make a date with your calendar and be sure to block off time just for you. If you’re always tired, schedule time to rest just like you would schedule a work meeting – and stick with it.

In summary, there are many ways to spring clean your home and life. You may consider hiring a coach or energy worker to help with this process!

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