Impacting the lives
of others who will in turn

impact lives around the world

So, creating an impact?

Sometimes the greatest change can creep about in the smallest of ways, like seeds planted in a forest – we often don’t realize their magnitude until suddenly we’re looking up at a massive 100ft redwood, thinking, “holy shit, how’d that happen?” From something as seemingly tiny as a seed taking root, to a giant meteor colliding with your spirit – real change, real growth, comes in the wake of an impact. Something has to ignite change, to create those impacts, no matter how big or small.

Ready to get started?

The Impact Retreat is an immersive wellness experience focused on the balance of mind, body and spirit for personal and professional transformation for those who feel they’ve become stuck in some facet of life.

The Impact Retreat

Mind Body Spirit The Sweet Spot

Together we work to untether aspects of self bound by fear that have been lost over time or may not yet be realized. The retreat integrates a blended approach of one-on-one impact coaching, mindfulness practice and luxury services to facilitate personal breakthroughs.

We work to break through barriers and open doors you never realized were there. Your Impact Retreat is customized specifically to your lifestyle because, quite honestly, your retreat is for you and no one else.

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Meet Katie

“I believe one of my greatest assets is something you have as well ‑ humanness. Because once we peel back the layers, what ultimately connects us is our ability to impact each other on a human level.”

My name is Katie Sandler & I am an Impact Coach.

I am a human being with countless human experiences that shaped this unbelievable life filled with beautiful highs and devastating lows. These extremes have allowed me to challenge clients while relating to their struggle, as a result of my own battle toward transformation.

I connect on a deeply personal level because I’ve been there, supporting clients with compassion and understanding as both a friend and their Impact Coach.

That’s the nutshell, here’s the full monty.

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