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Date: TBD 2023
MBSR Program

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Wherever you are reading this, I encourage you to pause, relax your jaw, take a breath, and notice what’s happening below the surface.

Even reading (yet another) webpage can be a mindful moment if you know how to approach it.

The simple act of being present is not only revolutionary, but it’s at the heart of this amazing program. This isn’t just any course, this is the “OG” MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program as spearheaded by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who is considered by many to be the father of modern mindfulness.

I’m so excited to offer this 8-week MBSR program, its purpose is to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and ultimately find peace.

MBSR is a highly experiential learning program that will engage you on every level. In other words, you have to show up. Through group and individual practices, discussions, and presentations, we’ll discover the soul of mindfulness. You can read much more about it below.

Please know, spaces are limited and pricing tiers are available. Finally, I’ll say that this course isn’t fluff. It’s backed by years of science and has been the subject of many clinical studies for people grappling with stress, cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, addiction, sleep disorders, and more.

Ready To Take the Wheel?
Okay, so why MBSR?

Common reasons for taking Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

- Chronic illness, pain or headaches

- Cancer treatment

- Anxiety and depression

- Sleep disturbances

- Fatigue

- Worry about the future

- Grief or loss

- Relationship Issues

- Stress

- Increase athletic, creative, and/or work performance

- Personal and professional development


- Phobias

- Psychological and emotional issues

- Financial issues

- Life Changes

- Family issues

- GI issues

- Skin disorders

- Autoimmune disorders

- Personal growth

- Cultivate & mindfulness practice

Practical applications of mindfulness in daily life are explored so that you can meet all the moments in life with as much ease, confidence and resiliency as possible.

Course Format

- 8 weekly classes that are approximately 2.5 hours long 

- A longer “retreat” session on a weekend day (a total of nine sessions and approximately 30 hours)

- Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices (sitting, walking, and body scan)

- Gentle stretching and mindful yoga (appropriate for all ability levels)

- Exercises to apply mindfulness to challenging situations in everyday life

- Small and large group discussions

- Daily at-home practice (30-40 minutes per day) with specially 

Course Cost

We offer a sliding scale for the course fee, based on current annual household income. We do not ask for proof of income. Please choose your fee based on income as follows:

  • - Under $35,000 annual income: $450
  • - From $35,000–$65,000: $575
  • - Over $65,000: $750
  • - Current full-time college and university students without income and family financial support may take this course for $250
We accept PayPal and a Quickbooks link can be provided in order to pay. When organizations are paying for their employees to attend, a fee of $750 per employee will be charged.
There are no refunds.

MBSR teaches four types of mindfulness skills:

Each of the 8-weekly sessions will build these skill sets.

1) Formal mindfulness meditation practices.

2) Applications of mindfulness to everyday activities such as mindful listening, eating, driving, making decisions, planning, and responding to stressful situations — learn to use your mindfulness skills 24/7!

3) Mindful Inquiry Increasing your ability to answer the question “what am I experiencing right now? - what am I feeling, what is happening in my body, what am I thinking?

4) Infusing all of the above with a friendliness to your own experience. This is a skill most lacking in our culture. We are trained to seek perfection and chastise ourselves severely though self-criticism and self-judgment when we fall short. For many, this is a habit that can follow them throughout their days and years - though like any habit, it can be changed and mended. The MBSR course will teach you specifically how to do this.s happening in my body, what am I thinking?

Ready To Take the Wheel?

I know you have some questions, lets answer them!

  • What if I need to miss some of the sessions?

    Each of the 8 MBSR classes build on the next and it is important for group process that participants attend regularly. If you know in advance that you will miss more than two meeting times--either classes or retreat, I recommend waiting for another session. In addition, you must attend at least one of the first two class meetings to participate. Therefore, its important to confirm your availability to attend at least 7 of the 9 sessions for the series that you sign up for (or every session during the 5-day intensive format).

  • What is required during the course?

    In order to get the most out of the course, both regular attendance of the classes and regular work with the material between classes is required. Home practice might take the form of practicing one or more of the mindfulness meditations, or applying mindfulness to daily life situations, for instance, practicing "mindful eating" between classes. As someone recently said, "If you have time for FaceBook or Twitter, you have time for meditation". Support and ideas for finding time for the home practices is available during the course, however, it will still require your commitment to make this happen.

  • One of the reasons I am stressed is I am so busy. How much time is required for the MBSR class?

    The class meets for two and a half hours a week. After week six there is an all-day retreat usually on a Saturday. In addition there is 45 minutes of ‘homework’ a day. Practicing the meditationas well as some written assignments and mindfulness practice. Most people find that by setting aside the time to do this they actually end up with more time for everything else because they have more clarity, and are less forgetful and function more efficiently.

  • Is this class religious?

    No. MBSR is taught in a non-sectarian, universal and mainstream manner. Mindfulness is being purposefully aware of what is arising in your experience, moment by moment, without being hijacked by mental content. People of any (or no) religion, gender, and lifestyle are respected and welcome.

  • Do I need previous experience?

    Simple answer, No. :)

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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.