So, what’s an impact?


Everyone needs something a little different in order to get that AHA moment and create a shift that expands their perspective. Those little impacts that make a great big impression on your journey, like when you’ve been stuck in life and suddenly AHA – the stars align and finally things become clear. That’s the AHA moment I create, those are your impacts. Through my experience, education and intuitive strategy, I promise a profound experience.

Cool shot, right?

The Impact Coach

As an Impact Coach, I develop a tailored retreat for each client, always with the same goal: to impact the lives of others who will in turn impact lives around the world. Where a client may be stuck and wanting development in any aspect of their life, whether professionally or personally, I connect to make those impacts where needed. It can be unexpected and unpredictable, often we don’t know where we’re stuck – it’s just a feeling with no particular source. I act as a guide to help identify these areas of stagnancy then work to shake them the hell up.

The Retreat

An Impact Retreat offers a multifaceted set of tools to face life with renewed motivation for personal and professional development. Impacts are different for everyone, but that’s the beauty of this retreat. This may all sound serious, and it is. But it’s extremely important to know my approach is not all serious. The beauty behind it is learning to have acceptance and balance. Drop the words perfect or imperfect, embrace doing what’s best for you and others around you. It’s that simple.

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I have to admit I am one of those people who rarely does things for myself and wasn’t sure what I would gain from something like this. That being said, I can share that I was blown away with the outcome and what the process did to help me get unstuck in areas I didn’t even realize were holding me back. Throughout my retreat Katie was there to guide me so that I was able to address, talk through and finally come to terms with. Being someone who often has a hard time opening up, talking about myself and sharing, I have to admit I was able to do so with ease while with Katie.

I left the retreat feeling really good, refreshed and was surprised how much things continued to become unstuck and clear through our follow up conversations. Really looking forward to our continued work together