The True Secret to Success


You’ve probably heard the idea that what’s on the inside matters more than anything else. There’s also a good chance you’ve felt tempted to call bullsh*t on this concept, pointing to the way the world around us seems to reward with external objects as your evidence. You want to know how to get it, whether it’s the enviable car, the infinity pool vacation shot, the 100k plus Instagram following (and sponsorships, to boot), the Swiss watch, the list goes on. Most people who come to this type of work want to know HOW they can attain some sort of externally validated success. Having been surrounded by people who not only meet but wildly exceed the ideas of conventional success my entire life, I have a truth bomb to drop on you:

It’s not who you are, it’s who you BE. It’s not “What do I do?,” it’s “Who do I be?”

Read that, then read it again. 

It’s not about the how to, it’s about the how are YOU. 

There’s a reason that people who’ve “made it” continue to hire coaches and work on themselves. Because there is no magic process. There is no secret, and attaining some level of wealth isn’t an end all be all. There is no final step or final arrival. Firstly, people who make it, in the conventional sense, aren’t always happy, with Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain being tragically apt examples. If that doesn’t make you believe that healthy, long-lasting success is more about how you are and how you feel, I probably can’t help you.

Second, it’s time to ask better questions. Instead of asking “how-to” or “what do I do,” over and over, work on becoming the type of person who would achieve what you want to achieve; who would attract what you want to attract. You can ask most millionaires and they’ll tell you, there is no secret to success and that it takes hard work. But it’s also no secret that you always should keep working on your inner world if you want to become the type of person you look up to. Whether you’re at the bottom of the pyramid, just starting out or at the top, having attained success, it’s important to first align with the type of person you want to be to make the impact you’d like to make. Your intentions set the stage for your impact. 

Change your mindset, change your life 

The smartest (and wealthiest) people I know, both personally and through my business, continue moving the ball forward. One of the best ways to do this is to continue nurturing the self. These people are wise and humble enough to understand they have something to gain from working on themselves, and the numbers show it. Mindfulness has been adopted by everyone from the NFL to top law firms and corporations, and we’re starting to see the validity and numbers behind its efficacy. 

So, instead of focusing on the how or what, or that shiny business course, pause and look within. Not that you shouldn’t also focus on your goals and continue refining your skillset, but it’ll be better coming from a solid foundation; all the reason to do the work on/in YOU. Begin to develop the mindset of a millionaire or billionaire even if you’re not there yet. Become curious, open, and unshakeable. 

In closing, here’s the secret: there is no secret except that you are worth working on for you – for your impact on the world. Trust that what will separate you from your peers is your willingness to adapt, evolve, and change. 

P.S. your bank account will likely evolve if you do so as well. Keep hustling.

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