Six Reasons to Re-treat Yourself


Have you ever spent thousands of dollars traveling only to feel more tired and depleted in the end when you return home? Or have you complained that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Felt that you needed some time just to recharge?

If so, it might just be time for you to consider making your next vacation a retreat. While a retreat is a luxury experience, it’s also a necessity for the modern worker. You will travel, of course, but in a manner designed to nourish your body and soul. Retreats can have profound effects beyond the short term glow you may get from spending time in the sun. I’m talking about an inner glow that comes from experiencing major shifts in a magical place, all facilitated by professionals trained to help you reach your highest potential.

A retreat has the power to transform your life in such a way that afterward you’re inspired about re-entering your world rather than returning grumpy and exhausted. Personally, said impact is what my work is all about. Feeling great is awesome, but what we do and the ripple effect that has on humanity is what matters. Just as with any kind of trip, a retreat is also, plain and simple, a way to travel. Any experience of travel helps you uncover and discover new perspectives that ultimately help you grow.

Perhaps it seems like I’m talking a big game about the profundity of a retreat. I wouldn’t claim that it can transform your life if I didn’t really believe it. A retreat is not just another vacation, it’s an investment in your being.

Read on to discover why a retreat is a damn good choice for your life, well-being, and career.

1. Escape the mundane.

Our day-to-day lives often become a container for our societal roles. Oftentimes, these roles aren’t even defined by us: the teacher, the product manager, the therapist, MOM. We rarely have a chance to step outside of said roles and journey to our core beyond what’s dictated by others. A retreat with a supportive environment helps you remember these parts of yourself with ease. Freed from the shackles of your societal roles, you will uncover layers of yourself you have forgotten, or perhaps never realized existed in the first place.

2. New connections with like-minded humans.

As a coach, leading group retreats allow me to facilitate connections between incredible humans who might not meet otherwise. I believe in synchronicity and the people who meet on retreats never meet on accident. As much as a retreat is a reason to go “inside,” a group retreat inevitably exposes us to other people to share these incredible experiences. Your next business partner? Investor? Creative collaborator? They might just be on retreat.

3. Taxes.

Yes, you can likely write it off for your business. Did you know all of The Impact Retreats are tax-deductible? Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to write your retreat off as a business expense. Naturally, these expenses wind up to be much more than the lunches and coffees you buy for meetings. This may be arguably your most fun write off.

4. Let someone take care of you.

At a retreat, you just show up. Your meals are taken care of, your bed is made, your room is cleaned. What a luxury it is to see what shows up when our minds are freed from daily tasks and to-dos. You can truly relax knowing that dinner is being prepared – mindfully and with love. This brings me to the next point…

5. Discover new cuisines in a mindful manner.

For busy types and go-getters, eating a meal is often relegated as a “to-do.” Sometimes we scarf food down at our laptops, missing the nuances of flavor. This also leads to poor digestion. On The Impact Retreat, all of our meals are planned with plenty of time to relax, savor, and enjoy the food with an emphasis on mindfulness. Even when wine-tasting, we really take our time. Eating and drinking become an art form when approached this way.

6. Break out of a rut.

All of the above (ok, maybe not the taxes bit) can help you break the sense that you’re stuck. Life can feel overwhelming, especially in our culture that values being busy and productive. A retreat is a perfect way to press your “reset” button and start fresh. You’re still the same you, you just remember how that human always was, and is, magnificent.

If you’re considering a retreat, I’d love to hear from you! I curate group and one-on-one retreats in incredible locations such as Morroco, Greece, Italy, and Anguilla. Join me to learn how you can make your impact.


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