The Impact Retreat

An Impact Retreat is a three-to five-day, One-on-One, immersive wellness experience focused on the balance of mind, body and spirit for personal and professional transformation for those who feel they’ve become stuck in some facet of life.

Mind Body Spirit The Sweet Spot

The retreat integrates a blended approach of one-on-one impact coaching, mindfulness practice and luxury services within five-star accommodations to facilitate personal breakthroughs toward immediate lifestyle shifts. Coaching sessions are woven throughout each day with spa treatments, therapeutic activities and unpredictable impacts.

Group Series

The Impact Retreat Group Series brings you around the world to luxury destinations for a full mind, body and spirit experience, lead by Katie Sandler. Each Group Series is tailored toward the location and can include excursions such as culinary workshops by master chefs, yoga retreats taught lead by gurus, immersion within breathtaking environments, and much more. The Impact Retreat Group Series is for the curious individual who loves travel, who seeks to discover new destinations and gain awareness through experience.

Where we’re headed next

October 19 - 24 2021


Awaken your soul on this luxury cultural experience!

Huck yeah, I’m in

October & November 2020 -Dates TBD


We are excited to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity – The Impact Retreat Group Series: Anguilla Edition. With a celebration of the very [...]

Huck yeah, I’m in


We work from the outside in, addressing exterior facets before getting to the nitty-gritty. Because let’s face it, once you’re in the sh*t it’s hard to pull back and examine the skirting factors of life. As each approach varies for the individual, there is no set path or definitive services for an Impact Retreat, however a general list of retreat offerings include:

  • Lifestyle

    We work together to face lifestyle challenges that can range from personal shopping and home organization, to liberating therapeutic activities such as skydiving, sailing or horseback riding.

  • Personal Care

    As needed, an Impact Retreat will include professional styling of fashion, hair and makeup. A personal stylist will express your exterior image to best reflect your interior transformation.

  • Spa Treatments

    With a focus on nourishing the mind, body and spirit, your Impact Retreat can include massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and additional body treatments to enhance your experience.

  • Nutrition

    The kitchen can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what the hell is going on in there. Nutrition is key to optimal well-being, while killer food is optimal to spiritual well-being. A personal chef is provided to demonstrate how to prepare the very best gourmet foods for your lifestyle.

  • Fitness Coach

    Whether a personal trainer or yoga instructor, a fitness coach is brought to your Impact Retreat to work on enhancing your active lifestyle. The focus on your body can provide long-term benefits for mental and physical health.

  • Holistic and Metaphysical

    Acupuncture, energy and sound healing, Eastern medicine, and intuitive guidance are provided to further spiritual, physical and mental transformation.


The initial Impact experience requires information gathering. With your blessing, I come to your life in a multitude of ways to observe you in your natural state. I am there not to judge, but rather to gather a first-hand, unbiased perspective on your day-to-day life so as to best structure the program.

The Impact Retreat gives a client the space to decompress and tell their story. It’s so rare we are given the opportunity to take time for ourselves and given what we need without the constraint of time or judgment. You’ll find yourself more at ease and comfortable than perhaps you’ve ever known.

The retreat that comes to you

A luxury destination is selected for your retreat, either in a private home, resort, or other 5-star accommodations (you can choose to stay in your own residence if desired). Your retreat is malleable and will exist in a location best suited for your impact. Previous destinations have included:

Private waterfront home in Anguilla, beachside penthouse in Miami, five star accommodations in New York, gorgeous private homes in LA and Colorado.

Continued Impacts

A retreat will poke holes in the way you’ve been looking at life. Because an Impact Retreat sets in motion a ripple effect of transformation, I work with clients ongoing to ensure continued growth and success. An Impact Retreat is more than 3 – 5 days of work, it’s a lifestyle shift, a journey we embark upon together.

Weekly to monthly check-in’s, mini-retreats and continued impact coaching are great ways to keep the momentum going. Once those seeds of transformation are planted, once the blinders come off, there’s no other way to move than forward.

It’s been several months since I went on my Impact Retreat. I didn’t know what to expect, what I’d experience, what my actual take-away would be. I only knew that for whatever reason, I felt Katie had something to offer me at a time in my life when I needed guidance. In hindsight the retreat was, for lack of a better word, profoundly impactful. It’s one of those things that kind of sneaks up on you, where during our one-on-one sessions I felt little lightbulbs go off — she calls them “aha moments”. But I gained small bits of awareness. After the retreat, I told Katie that she opened doors in my mind I didn’t even know were there. She helped facilitate a self-awareness that I am so grateful for. Now months after my retreat, I have a broader perspective on Katie’s “impact”. I look at life pre-retreat and post-retreat. Pre-retreat I was aimlessly searching for answers, purpose, clarity. Post-retreat I’ve been given a renewed sense of self with new perspective on life. It’s hard to describe, quite honestly, because it’s been such an internal journey that has paved way for amazing results. Post-retreat I’ve connected with myself in a way I never have, which has allowed me to better connect with the people I care about. To be totally cliche and corny, the best part of working with Katie is the relationship we’ve developed. She truly cares and I know she tells me what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear. She is honest, straight-forward, and genuine. Working with Katie Sandler and participating on an Impact Retreat has continued to provide ongoing impacts in my life.


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