What the Heck is a Virtual Retreat? Here’s Why it Should be Your Next Investment.

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One of the casualties of our post COVID life has been the loss of in-person retreats. As a transformational Impact Coach, retreats, both group and personal, are one of my favorite ways to help clients dive into experiences that go beyond what you can get out of your average coaching call or course. Just because we don’t have the option to retreat as before doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. In fact, this particular juncture in time and history is one of the best times to work with someone as the world is shifting in unexpected ways. Not only do we need more support, but the world needs your unique imprint to create a better earth for all of us. At its core, my entire philosophy centers around helping people align with their purpose so they can make the most positive impact possible on humanity. 

What is a personal virtual retreat? 

I’ve always offered powerful one-on-one Impact Retreats, and now I’m excited to share these are pivoting virtually. Just like the in-person experience, virtual retreats offer a completely immersive experience. Together, we’ll work one-on-one for an entire day where you’ll be guided to go inward for self-discovery and unbridled rediscovery. These experiences leave you with clarity, a renewed sense of possibilities, and most importantly, a purposeful plan to put into action. 

Just as you might on a getaway style retreat, these call for a total check out of your daily responsibilities to focus solely on YOU. You may be wondering what these look like, in practice. Retreats include a pre-retreat discovery call and a post-retreat follow-up session. They begin at 10:00 am and conclude around 5:00 pm, with a few breaks in between to rest and integrate. You’ll make sure that your environment is set with zero disruptions: think putting an away message on your phone and emails, and making sure that all other distractions (including family and children) are removed. You can’t be bothered during retreat time, this is deep work! We work together to arrange the perfect virtual retreat environment in your home prior to your retreat day to ensure the ideal experience, set and setting are important! No virtual retreat is the same, and there is no one size fits all. My clients are taken on a journey, and all retreat participants walk away loving the experience and even wanting more. I’ll admit, this is not for everyone, which is why clients are screened prior to committing. 

Expect to disconnect from your day-to-day to reconnect to your essence beyond who you are on paper. If you sign up for one of these, it isn’t the same as your average Zoom course. Treat the day as you would if you were going on a precious, highly anticipated vacation. 

What are the benefits? Is it worth it? 

Every day we invest in stupid things. Impulse purchases off of Amazon. Snack foods that don’t nourish us. Alcohol. Imagine taking some of this money and allocating it to help you be your highest and best self. If you’re tired of feeling like the same patterns keep playing out in your life, or there’s something that you simply can’t move past, this is for you. While therapy or a coaching call can help you get some clarity, akin to cleaning your house, a virtual retreat is more like having your house cleaned, disinfected, and redecorated to a version you always knew you wanted but couldn’t quite piece together. This is powerful sh*t. 

Virtual retreats are designed for those who are craving clarity, feel a calling to grow and expand, and especially for those who are feeling stuck and want to explore possibilities. You may even look at it practically: if you’re looking to embark on a new endeavor, want to level up your entrepreneurial ventures, and want some nurturing regarding specific facets of your life, one of these will completely change the game for you. 

What happens after? 

Clients never walk away from these unsatisfied. Rather, you’ll walk away feeling like you’ve passed a right of passage and generally pivotal moment in your life. In other words: here will be your life pre and post-retreat, the end. These are stepping stones to living a quality and purpose-filled life. Enough of my words, read on to hear more from clients who’ve joined me for a one-on-one virtual retreat in the past: 

“What a heavy and fruitful day. I had no expectations but I wanted a profound experience and that’s what Katie’s virtual retreat provided. I feel a sense of self-awareness that I didn’t know was possible. I find myself seeing things differently and feeling excited about my future for the first time in a while. What I thought were weaknesses have been turned to strengths and I look forward to continuing to work with Katie.”

“This retreat came at the perfect time. I was feeling very unclear and uncertain of my future. I’ve always wanted to start my own business and as a result of our day together I’m finally doing it and I know I’m working with the right coach who will help me succeed. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! I recommend this experience for anyone and everyone – we should all do this at least one time in our lives.” 

If this resonates and you’d like to set up a consult call for us to mutually see if a virtual retreat makes sense, I’d love to hear from you! 


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