Puglia – Food & Wine – Italy Retreat


We invite you to Join us in Puglia, Italy for our Food, Wine & Wellness adventure – a 6 day retreat where you can mindfully indulge in fine wines and soulfully satisfying delicious Italian food.

If you’ve never been to Puglia before, you’re in for a real treat and a reawakening of the senses.

Puglia in the heel of Italy’s famous “boot”, offers a slow pace, stunning beaches, great food and wine, authentic villages, and wonderful sunny weather. You will be charmed by the beauty of this region of Italy and everything it has to offer from its rich history, architecture, culture and landscapes.

We’ve chosen the Springtime as the season for our retreat – perfect for our mindful movement practices of walking, hiking or simply moving the body with focus and awareness. Brisk fresh air, the earth is fully alive, it’s a magical time of the year.

In order to travel mindfully and feel safe – we will stay together, keep private, and explore outdoors. Highlights like Gargano and UNESCO world heritage site of In Alberobello Trulli and

What you can expect:

Each day will begin with a morning guided meditation and light mindful movement, followed by breakfast and some free time to relax and unwind at the villa.

In the afternoons we’ll explore the local areas, enjoy the beautiful scenery, sun ourselves on the stunning beaches, and get to know our wines a little more with guided tours to nearby vineyards.

The evenings will offer time to connect, get to know and learn from one-another, discuss our day and our experiences. Dinners will be mindful and luxuriously nourishing. The quintessential way to unwind after a day.

Everyday there will be a workshop for an hour to two hour. Workshops will encourage mindfulness, mindful practices, introspection and self-exploration. They will provide a space for you to be easy, to rest, to feel loving kindness, and to find peace.

Your hosts

Katie Sandler uses her life experiences and education to help her clients reach that “a-ha” moment, enabling personal and professional transformation. She’s not a life coach, instead Katie iis an Impact Coach. Her goal is to help clients meet their unmet potential, find purpose in their lives, and ultimately make an impact on the world around them.

Katie herself has overcome immense physical and mental hurdles, including being born without an ear, overcoming paralysis at age 17 and subsequently facing depression head-on. After struggling to keep her head above water, Sandler discovered the benefits of mind-body medicine. With over a decade of experience, including a Master’s in Mental Health Counselling, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a background as a psychiatric research assistant from Johns Hopkins, Katie uses her expertise to impact her clients through one-on-one consultations, group consultations and her Impact Retreat and Group Impact Adventures, which take place all around the world.

Creative Edge Travel creates meaningful, off the beaten path, authentic travel experiences that integrate into the culture and everyday life of authentic Italy.


Puglia - Food & Wine - Authentic Italy Retreat


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Time to get your sht together!

Get ready to have a week full of mindfulness. All you have to do is show up, be present, and chill out.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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