Hamptons Luxury Mindfulness & Mindset Retreat

Dates TBD

Join us for a transformative and luxurious four day Mindfulness and Mindset Retreat in the serenity of The Hamptons.

We’ve created a wellbeing program that combines daily guided mindfulness and mindful movement practices, introspective and personal discovery workshops and private coaching sessions along with nourishing and healing foods, time to relax, renew and recover from your daily life, pamper yourself with spa treatments, and a special group sound healing session.

Our retreat offers a structured yet relaxed schedule that has been designed to help you develop a healthy mindset and provide you with tools to build a daily mindfulness practice.

Joining one of our retreats can turn out to be an empowering and life changing journey that will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and with a greater sense of compassion and inner peace.

For our beautiful retreat home we have chosen the sanctuary and self care space that is Shou Sugi Ban House

Shou Sugi Ban House https://shousugibanhouse.com/guest-studios/ believes in the innate wisdom of the natural world.

Every element of your stay has been thoughtfully curated to gently encourage moments of insight, lightness and freedom. Movement classes for both physical and mental clarity are offered in open air rooms that invite the outdoors in.

The grounds are designed with an appreciation of the elements earth, wind, fire and water and offer a renewed connection with the natural world. Something that is much needed.

Open windows encourage natural lighting throughout gathering spaces and guest studios. The landscaping is guided by an appreciation for the local environment and the use of native plant species and grasses.


Our introspective and personal discovery workshops teach you how to think differently – providing a space for you to challenge yourself to grow, have a shift in perspective and introduce you to kind awareness and compassion

We cover the basics of mindfulness and practice it in many forms. We discuss our internal dialogue, our origin, the biology behind being human, the sum of our parts, acceptance and authentic, realistic balance, purpose, alignment and so much more.

Ultimately you walk away knowing yourself a bit more, deepening your presence in yourself, this moment, and this existence. You walk away wanting to make the world a better place by simply being a better you.

Who the retreat is for…
For anyone who wants to deeply rest and at the same time invest in yourself – in your physical, mental and spiritual health.
For anyone who wants to slow down in their lives and have a meaningful time with like-minded people.
For those wanting to improve their emotional health & wellbeing
For super delicious and healthy food lovers!


Retreat price & what’s included

  • 4 nights of 5 star luxury accommodations
  • Gorgeous and gourmet lunch and dinners
  • Daily guided mindfulness and meditation
  • Daily guided mindful movement/ yoga
  • Daily Impact Method Workshops to cultivate self-awareness, growth, and peace
  • One-on-one Impact Session to ensure a powerful and transformative experience
  • Group sound healing
  • Time to relax, restore, & renew
  • Luxury gift bag
  • Additional treatments and services upon request
  • Concierge travel arrangements and pre and post travel arrangements through World Key Travel
  • Prices start at $6
  • Fly into Islip, NY and arrange for transportation to your destination.
  • You can also arrange all travel through our concierge travel agent through World Key Travel

Hamptons Luxury Mindfulness & Mindset Retreat

Dates TBD

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Time to get your sht together!

Get ready to have a week full of mindfulness. All you have to do is show up, be present, and chill out.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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