French Alps: Rewire and renew your well-being

Dates TBD

The wilderness within is calling for some mindful movement & mountains in the French Alps.

If you are a lover of the great outdoors and hiking then you already understand the healing benefits of being in nature. We’ve chosen to spend 7 days and 6 nights in the traditional Alpine village of Morzine, a little town tucked away in the French Alps and nestled between the mountains and forests of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

We’ll mindfully hike across the magical mountains, connecting our breath with our bodies. Breathing in the fresh air does wonders for the spirit and the breathtaking surroundings of lush green meadows, pine trees and colourful wildflowers will fill our souls with renewed life!

This retreat is about rewiring and renewing our wellbeing through hiking, forest bathing, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and an optional afternoon at a local spa.

We’ll stay in a four level chalet with breathtaking views across the valley and the Roc d’Enfer.

Who the retreat is for…
For anyone who wants to deeply rest and at the same time invest in yourself – in your physical, mental and spiritual health.
For anyone who wants to slow down in their lives and have a meaningful time with like-minded people.
For nature lovers.
For those looking for a new adventure
For super delicious and healthy food lovers!

Your hosts

Katie Sandler uses her life experiences and education to help her clients reach that “a-ha” moment, enabling personal and professional transformation. She’s not a life coach, instead Katie is an Impact Coach. Her goal is to help clients meet their unmet potential, find purpose in their lives, and ultimately make an impact on the world around them.

Katie herself has overcome immense physical and mental hurdles, including being born without an ear, overcoming paralysis at age 17 and subsequently facing depression head-on. After struggling to keep her head above water, Sandler discovered the benefits of mind-body medicine. With over a decade of experience, including a Master’s in Mental Health Counselling, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a background as a psychiatric research assistant from Johns Hopkins, Katie uses her expertise to impact her clients through one-on-one consultations, group consultations and her Impact Retreat and Group Impact Adventures, which take place all around the world.

Polly – Yoga in the Alps TBC

Impact Method Workshops

Our introspective and personal discovery workshops teach you how to think differently – providing a space for you to challenge yourself to grow, have a shift in perspective and introduce you to kind awareness and compassion

We cover the basics of mindfulness and practice it in many forms. We discuss our internal dialogue, our origin, the biology behind being human, the sum of our parts, acceptance and authentic, realistic balance, purpose, alignment and so much more.

Ultimately you walk away knowing yourself a bit more, deepening your presence in yourself, this moment, and this existence. You walk away wanting to make the world a better place by simply being a better you.


In addition to our daily dose of gourmet healthy meals prepared by our in house chef, we’ll spend two lunches out at mountain side restaurants where we can take in the views along as we wine and dine on the local specialities, especially the fondue.

Retreat Schedule

Morning guided meditation and yoga, breakfast, impact method workshop, lunch out, afternoon free time – time for spa, evening guided mindfulness practice, dinner in…


French Alps: Rewire and renew your well-being

Dates TBD

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Time to get your sht together!

Get ready to have a week full of mindfulness. All you have to do is show up, be present, and chill out.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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