Kelly Campino

Impact Coach

What are three words of intention that you want to share for 2022?

-Authenticity, growth, stillness

If someone was on the fence about coaching, what would you tell them?

-I would ask, “What would it cost you if you DIDN’T get support now?!”

Share some interesting personal facts:

-I live with my husband, 2 daughters and golden retriever just outside Zürich in Switzerland, and I grew up in Brisbane and Sydney in Australia. Even though I’ve lived in Switzerland for nearly 20 years, also now have Swiss citizenship, and love it here, I still very much miss everything about Australia!
I lived in Japan when I was 23 to improve my Japanese and experience the culture I had loved since I was a little girl.
Being in nature gives me so much peace and energy and I absolutely love hiking and biking in the Alps.

What excites you most about coaching and the Impact Method?

-The potential of living our best possible life! Sometimes we simply just need some help to do this, to get out of our ‘stuck-ness’ and move forwards. As both a coach and client, I’ve experienced many magical ‘aha’ moments in sessions. One client described it as fireworks going off!! An essential contributor to these magical moments is the connection between coach and client. When there’s trust, vulnerability, honesty and compassion, the impact of the coaching can be truly transformative!

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